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Classes and events autumn 2015

Weekly shibari classes will continue from Thursday September 3 at 1800. Following dates are in the calendar.


Friday September 4 we will host an Open Dojo event, with introduction.


Saturday Sept 5 and Sunday Sept 6: Basic Shibari Workshop.


Friday Sept 18 - Sunday Sept 20 we have the pleasure of inviting you to Intensive Workshop with Yukinaga Max



Introduction for new members

Are you interested in joining the Oslo Shibari Dojo, and get lessons with us? We regularly offer half an hour of introduction before our regular classes on Thursdays. There we give a brief introduction about shibari and answer questions about our teaching and the dojo .


One must have participated in the introduction to take part in a regular class. Those who have been to events in the dojo from its inception and until June 2015 do not need a new intro .


We teach only couples (rigger/rope model). One must therefore have a partner to sign up for the introduction.


Introduction will be announced in the calendar, and you sign up here .


First intro of autumn 2015 is Friday September 4 at 1800, when we also have an Open dojo night.

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