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About the dojo


At Oslo Shibari Dojo we teach Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku as part of Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai.


In short, it's about finding pleasure in tying a partner with ropes, and thus achieve a non-verbal communication. Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku gives great pleasure for both the one tying (rigger) and the one being tied (rope model/rope bottom).




Teaching and workshops


There are classes for members of the Dojo every Wednesday and Thursday. Doors open at 1730, teaching starts at 1800. Teaching will be adapted to the level of each individual rigger and model, ensuring optimal learning possibilities in a nice atmosphere, and a varied program.


We also offer workshops and private tuition at all levels from beginner to advanced. Most workshops are taught in Norwegian, private tuition can be in Norwegian or English.


There is the opportunity to join at any time during the season, assuming one has been at an introduction to the Dojo first. Information about teaching, introduction and other events are found on the calendar.


We teach only couples (rigger and model). It is unfortunately not possible to come to class alone, and one can not be present in classes as a spectator. An exception is the Introduction and Open Dojo events, where all who have signed up are welcome.


The Dojo is bright and cosy, situated in a quiet neighborhood less than 20 min by train or car from the city centre. There is convenient space for parking cars on the premises, and the railway station is just a few minutes walk. There are nice facilities to brush up and change to appropriate clothing for Shibari practice. If you have not been to the Dojo before, notify us at registration and we will send you directions.


For everyone's well-being and safety the Dojo also has it's own etiquette document.




It is a prerequisite for attending classes and workshops that riggers have suitable rope made of jute or hemp. Please bring your own rope, or notify us so we can ensure sufficient rope to borrow the first times.


We are happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us here, or send us an email.


We're looking forward to seeing you!

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