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Intensive Kinbaku Training with Yukinaga Max雪長マックス
9. -11. september 2016

At this workshop Yukinaga Max雪長マックス will go through various elements of tying.

There will be demonstration and explanation of every technique, and a lot more.


Requirements: You should be able to tie a 2-3 ropes takatekote.




Friday 9.9 18:00-21:00

Warm-up day

  • We go through various technical ties.


Saturday: 10/9 11:00-18:00 (Including 1 hour break)

The secret of Yukimura way of the rope, including semenawa.

  • Learn to communicate and play with your partner.

  • The philosophy and basics of Yukimura Ryu (Aibu no nawa), and also some of Yukimura sensei's old hojojutsu ties.


Sunday: 11/9 10:00-13:00

Focus on communication in different ties.

  • Take advantage of the reaction from the model.

  • Evaluation, and maybe repetition after request.


It is not allowed to switch roles (rigger/model) during the workshop.


Workshop fee: 200 € per couple.

To register for this workshop, please click here.

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